Biodiversity — or the variety of plants and wildlife in an area — is what allows ecosystems to survive and thrive. Humanity relies on biodiverse planet for food, medicine, shelter, and life as we know it. Luckily, trees are pillars of biodiversity, providing a refuge for wildlife and encouraging ecosystems to live as nature intended. Read on to discover how the Foundation's work supports biodiversity worldwide.

The Past is Not Prologue in the American Pacific West

Climate change is making an already dry climate even drier. In the American Pacific West, natural disasters are intensifying and causing more severe damage. Plants and animals incapable of withstanding the now-higher temperatures are being chased out of their homes. The domino effect could make a major impact on humans if we don’t act now.

A climatologist discusses resiliency in America's driest region.

Meet the Rare and Wonderful Animals of Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary

On a calm, quiet morning, you’ll hear it. The call of the southern yellow-cheeked crested gibbon. It’s an enchanting sound that echoes across the forest — often heard as a duet with its mate. Unlike most primates, this gibbon adds an undulating, almost whale-like sound to the melody of the forest. And this call is what lures visitors out to Cambodia’s Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary at sunrise, just for the privilege of hearing it.

Protecting Cambodia’s forests is crucial in ensuring the future of its wildlife.

Wait, Killer Whales Need Trees?

How can trees help critically endangered southern resident orcas? In more ways than one. Find out how trees protect and support the delicate ecological web these mammals depend on for their survival.

Explore how trees are at the core of endangered orcas' fight for survival.

Protecting Our Nation’s Most Iconic Bird

The forests of southern Oregon are prime real estate for the bald eagle. And while their numbers have rebounded in the last 50 years, their future survival depends on preserving and reestablishing the ecosystems they call home. Find out how trees help them thrive in a multitude of ways.

Find out how the bald eagle's survival is inseparable from the health of forests.

How to Measure Biodiversity Using Trees

As a backbone of our ecosystems, the story of trees is inseparable from the story of biodiversity on this planet. With unprecedented biodiversity loss, it’s not enough just to plant trees — learn how we use science to plant them where they’ll have the biggest impact.

Learn how science helps us safeguard biodiversity through trees.

Transforming Madagascar

Madagascar is home to one of the most remarkable ecosystems on the planet. Learn about our work with local residents who are growing and planting trees to combat deforestation.

See our work in action with those safeguarding Madagascar's future.

A Tree Can Be a Home

Each year, millions of monarch butterflies travel thousands of miles to oyamel forests in Mexico. However, these critical ecosystems are on the decline. With the monarch butterfly now listed as an endangered species, learn why restoring their winter home in these forests is critical to their survival.

Explore reforestation work critical to the monarch butterfly's survival.

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